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To Whom It May Concern, if it can concern anyone at all ...

My name is Milos Milenkovic and I just want to fill up the white space in the “About me” section by writing this text.
In the country I am coming from, writing autobiography has become a real trend in the last couple of years. By the invasion of mediocrity and starlets convinced of their lifelong wisdom and of their incredible writing skills, numerous pages of books were written that mean almost nothing to people of my country. Probably they exist to fill up different white spaces.
If you consider that the basic logic of the existence of this text is: “Just something to be here …” you will understand my well-minded advice that the time you spend reading it is better to be used for reading the recommendations and lines that others have written about me. But I respect your decision to continue, because I am working on developing the skill of tolerating other people’s opinions, believing that this is a prerequisite for the dialogue that is necessary for the realization of any idea in any sphere of business.
I am thirty-five, born as a fighter, persistent, consistent, and perhaps too confident of myself. I live in the world I have built on my own and whose rules I have written by myself or that were written by my inheritance, hidden in the depths of my being. I was loved, hated, supported and disputed. I didn’t change myself. Consistent in my principles, even at my own loss.
I do not want to talk about my happy childhood because this is a very relative thing. My childhood, quite the opposite, was full of different problems. Only in the first grade of primary school, I had an unbearable problem. My parents thought that my older brother was more serious than me. Inadmissible, you will admit…

And then that pretentious Maya from the 2nd grade who didn’t pay attention to me because of Vlada, who had a motorbike, was another insurmountable problem. Or, for example, the common idea of my teacher and my parents to impose an obligation on me of doing homework rather than performing michiefs – this was directed directly against me during growing up.
Today, after 35 years, it’s still me. I can say “Milos v3.5.0” with a bit different kind of problems and a lot of space for “bugs” removal. Current v3.5.0, continues to be an opponent of impeccable biographies and panegyric self-praise articles. There are also a few improvements of flexibility in the principal attitudes, therefore I suggest that you read the following rows with the reservation.
I am an unshakable optimist who believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together.
I do not like calling myself a developer, IT expert or hotel industry specialist, but a combination of my knowledge, skills and career experience has made me a reliable associate in these areas. I love structure and order and I also stand for quality. I love spending time on fixing small details and optimizing web apps, but I am also able to make decisions between time-consuming things and detailing according to priorities. Moreover, I like working in a team, a person can learn faster and much more. If the saying goes: ‘Two heads are better than one’… then V3.5.0 would say: “Two heads are better than one, only if they are both clever.”

Dear Feature Employer,

In this message you definitely will not read that I am an ideal candidate for you, hardworking, fast learning person with an acutate attention to detail.
I have no intention of taking away your precious time in reading the copy-paste sentences that You have, probably, read a million times by now.Instead of the perfect, I’m just a human being with all my virtues and flaws.
I will not pretend to be anything I’m not just to get a job. But what I will do is put all my skills and experience at Your disposal and hope that by working with You, I can achieve my maximum efficiency.
My education didn’t stop with graduating from college therefore I will be grateful for the opportunity to continue my career in Your company on the mutual satisfaction.


Milos Milenkovic