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Milos Milenkovic
34 years
IT engineer
Serbia, Earth

About me

I am an unshakable optimist who believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together.

I do not like calling myself a developer, IT expert or hotel industry specialist, but a combination of my knowledge, skills and career experience has made me a reliable associate in these areas. I love structure and order and I also stand for quality. I love spending time on fixing small details and optimizing web apps, but I am also able to make decisions between time-consuming things and detailing according to priorities. Moreover, I like working in a team, a person can learn faster and much more. As the saying goes: “Two heads are better than one, only if they are both clever”.

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“Protons give an atom its identity, electrons its personality.”
- Bill Bryson, A short history of nearly everything


Elementary school

(Sep 1990 - Jun 1999)

OS Vuk Karadzic - Krusevac, Serbia

I graduated from Elementary school, where the only thing I enjoyed doing was playing with my friends. This was the time when I had my first contact with computer science, so I managed to break my new PC in record time, half an hour after I got it.


(Sep 1999- Jun 2003)

Electrotechnical Highschool - Krusevac, Serbia

I graduated from Highschool, where I enjoyed doing math and electronics. I realized in my second year of school that I wanted to do something with websites, so I started making small HTML applications.

Technical Faculty

(Oct 2003 - Mar 2008)

"Mihajlo Pupin" - Computer Science

The education was full of theory that by the time I graduated, technology improved so much that this theory became useless, but at least I got a basic understanding of computer systems and the most important thing -
If you want your computer to help you, you have to tell it how, in a way it understands.


Hotel Splendid - Conference & Spa Resort

(Apr 2007- May 2010)

IT Sector

During the studies, I worked occasionally on a local TV station on graphic design and video processing. The job in Hotel Splendid was my first job in a large company. I was hired as an IT technician and my responsibilities were troubleshooting and maintenance of the local network, as well as the maintenance of POS and other computer systems in the hotel.

F&B Sector - Barman

Because of a higher salary, I decided to move to the F&B sector. I was on training for two weeks and after this period i started working in the bar. My main task was to prepare and serve drinks and cocktails in accordance with a 5-star hotel standards.

F&B Sector - Head Bartender

After three months of working as a bartender, I was promoted to a head bartender. Besides my main duties, I was also responsible for stock requisitions, monthly stock taking, bar hygiene, bar staff control and weekly schedule.

F&B Sector - F&B Supervisor

Due to the good results in my bar, I was promoted to Food & Beverage Supervisor after a year. Main responsibilities were corresponding between F&B director and employees, daily meetings with bar, restaurant and kitchen staff, care of personal appearance and behavior of employees. Also, I was responsible for guest relation in a professional and a 5-star hotel manner.

CarobMill Restaurants

(May 2010- Oct 2012)

F&B Sector - Head Bartender

Through a common friend, I got the offer to come and work in Cyprus. I started as a head bartender in the Artima restaurant, one of 7 restaurants in the chain of CarobMill company. Daily duties were drink preparation, guest serving and stock control, but the main task was applying previous experience in order to improve bar standards and serving quality.

F&B Sector - Restaurant Manager

When the "Artima" restaurant manager was promoted to the Operation manager, a manager from "Karatelo" restaurant came in his place and I had to move to his position. "Karatelo" is a classic Cypriot taverna and it was a good chance for me to learn Greek language. As a restaurant manager I was mainly responsible for our guests and staff satisfaction. I inherited a very good and well trained team, therefore it was quite easy to perform this role. Our team of 4 cooks and 7 waiters served 200 people for lunch and 200 people for dinner every day. I stayed almost one year in "Karatelo" restaurant and for that period I was proud of the increased number of positive guest impressions and reviews.

Rich Group Holding

(Oct 2012 - Jun 2014)

IT Technician

Considering that I am an IT engineer, I took advantage of the new job offer and I started the job in Rich Group Holding Company. The company operates in various business fields: online casinos, sport betting, limousines and property rentals, trading and customer service. My first position in this company was IT technician where my duty was to provide a stable operation of computers and network in 27 outlets across the city. I succeeded to implement a way of remote maintenance and that significantly reduced waiting time, company expenses and number of technicians.

Chief Technician

Besides increasing the salary, team leading also brought me new responsibilities and obligations. Instead of technical interventions, I was now responsible for team organization, working schedule and coordination with the IT manager.

IT Manager

Since I was spending most of the time in the office, I devoted my time to creating websites for every sector of Rich Group business fields, in addition to improving results in sales of our services in the area of trade and rental. I was appointed to IT manager where my main duty was to improve productivity and reduce the unnecessary costs in the technical department.
I formed a new online marketing team which increased our persistence in social media networks and strengthened and focused our business online, and on the other side, among the many economic and saving moves, I established cooperation with foreign companies for the supply of spare parts and equipment so that we received goods at a lower price than we used to pay to local suppliers.
In March 2014, Cyprus Government decided to shut down the online gambling and sports betting in Cyprus and Rich Holding company was forced to close outlets.

Christou Brothers LTD

(Jun 2014 - May 2015)

Operation Manager

After closing 80% of the Rich Holding company's resources, I decided to start my job in Christou Brothers company. The company operates in three business areas: "Latchi Plaza" restaurant, "Blue Lagoon Cruises" and "Atlas Beton" concrete production factory. My duties were control and improvement of hospitality and technical processes in all parts of the company business. The company owner called my job position: "Joker player" and I can agree that these are words that can best explain my role in Christou Brothers Company. The regular guest of "Latchi Plaza" restaurant started to be an owner of the "Zening Resorts", a hotel complex in our neighborhood. He was happy with the food, service and restaurant organization and a few months later I received an offer to become a part of Zening Resorts team.

Hotel Zening Resorts

(May 2015 - Oct 2018)


By the end of the summer season at Christou Brothers, I accepted the previous offer and continued my career at the Zening Resorts hotel. My first position in the hotel was duty manager where I had a chance to meet the hotel environment and understand the concept.
This is one of the most interesting positions in my career due to a large number of challenges where precise duties and tasks cannot be determined because they are imposed in accordance with different situations. Manager on duty is an ideal position for exercising decision-making power as well as for quick problem-solving techniques.

IT Manager

Because of my good IT skills, I was occasionally consulted and engaged by the hotel owner in various IT projects. He concluded that I would contribute much more to the IT sector and that he would find somebody to replace me on MOD position. So, during the day I made IT jobs and during the night I was MOD. Very good friendship relation and mutual trust between the hotel owner and me brought me the role of a "joker player" again. The period spent in this hotel carries the best moments in my career and it was a worthy school of all hotel management processes.

Assistant to CEO

The next season in the hotel required a number of changes as well as the implementation of HACCP standards which in a complex spreading over a sprawling 60,000 sq. meters of lush green beach-front hill & gardens is not quite simple. Another important obligation was to improve our reservations sources and increase the number of reservations through our websites as well as to improve our rating and reputation to online travel agencies and tour operators. An increment of reservations also requires a better staff sourcing, therefore I had my hands full in the upcoming season.

Zen Team LLC

(Jan 2016-


Zen Team D.O.O. was established in 2016 as an office for technical and IT support of the Zening Resorts hotel from Cyprus. The joint idea of the hotel owner, Ajay Goyal and the long-time IT director of the hotel, Miloš Milenković, was to run this office in Serbia primarily because of the elimination of problems in finding quality IT personnel and a strict visa regime for candidates who come to the Republic of Cyprus from countries that are not EU members and then because of significantly lower operating costs.

A team of four employees, at that time, an experiment in the world of hotel management, brings a significant increase in revenues for Hotel Zening in the business year of 2016, and hence the need for expanding resources and the competencies of the office. Already in business year 2017, Zen Team takes over two-thirds of the reception business, human resource management, web design, programming and software development for hotels and hotel systems.
In this way, the Zening Resorts hotel achieves great savings in operating costs, which directly leads to an increase in revenue at the end of 2017.

In mid-2017, Zen Team developers are developing the ZEN HMS (Hotel Management System) platform aimed at fully automating the process of hotel reservations as well as the Point Of Sale application based on the principle of Fidellio and Open Bravo program. Applications were completed at the end of 2017 and at the beginning of 2018 they became the main software solution of Zening Resorts.


“Life without knowledge is death in disguise.”
- Talib Kweli


Information Technology
CMS - WordPress, Joomla
CSS(3), HTML(5)
SEO - Google,Yahoo,Bing
Web Servers, Hosting, Apache
MySql, Derby
Food & Beverage
Customer service & support
Front Office
IT Services
HACCP Control
Human Resources
Management & Organisation
Hotel operations
Restaurant operations
Team Leading
Team Building
Project management
Staff control & organisation
Cost control & analytics
Customer relation


Mother tongue
Daily use
Communication level


Eclipse SDK (3 years)
NetBeans (3 years)
Google, Amazon cloud servers
Xamp, Mamp, Localhost
Cpanel, Virtualmin, Plesk, Webmin
Sublime Text (2 years)
Notepad++ (8 years)
Adobe Dreamweaver (8 years)
Adobe Photoshop (10+ years)
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Indesign
Adobe Premiere (4 years)
Adobe After Effects (2 years)
Corel Draw (10+ years)
MS Office, Google mail, Business tools
Google analytics & webmaster tools
Channel manager, GDS
Booking, Expedia... Extranet
Social media networks advertising
PBX Systems


Conference & Spa Resort

Hotel Splendid – Conference & Spa Resort


Carob Mill Restaurants LTD


Christou Brothers